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Rescue - Rehabilitate - Rehome

An independent Rescue, not affiliated with any other Rescue.

Sponsor a cat.

We currently have around 40 cats within our care. Our cats are in our cattery called Bella Vista and Foster care. 

Some cats arrive and need only a little TLC before they can move on to their forever home. However some cats may need medical help and a longer recovery time before they are ready to goto new homes. Some cats will need to stay with us at GCR indefinitely.

Recently we have taken on several feral and semi feral cats that need extra care.

We have set up a sponsor page for cats that need to stay in our care. Many of our followers love to read about our long term fosters and what they are up to. You can sponsor them and recieve updates on their progress. Head on over to the sponsor page where you will find a list of our cats to be sponsored and instructions on how you can do this.

Our Mission Statement

To provide a cat rescue to support Glossop and the surrounding area, and the rehabilitation of stray and unwanted cats in need of attention and care.

To provide adequate shelter to those cats who are in need and the staff to provide that care.

To raise money to provide any medical care needed for our cats.

To assess and rehome these cats providing suitable home checks so they receive the homes for their individual needs.

All adult cats to be chipped deflea-ed and wormed. All adult cats to leave our care neutered.


Rainbow Bridge

It’s been a tough few days at GCR. When we set up our little rescue, we made a promise that we would give every cat that comes into our care every chance. We also pledged that we wouldn’t discriminate and regardless of their age and health, if we have the space we would take them in. Of course we’re realistic and we knew that sometimes we may be too late. Sadly, that’s been the case this past week. We’ve lost two beautiful souls. They were both really poorly when they arrived and we knew the chances were slim. We know we did our absolute best, but we still lost them. We just hope that the love, medicine, comfort and care they received let them know that their lives mattered and made up in a small way for the humans that failed them.

RIP Patrick and Jeffrey.

We loved you so

Current Appeal

Due to the over whelming amount of kittens still being handed over to our care we are in desperate need of cat litter, kitten food and othe rsupplies.

Please check out our amazon wishlist on the donation page if you would like to contribute.


Chips away!

Since september we have microchipped over 140 cats! All cats within the GCR are now microchipped as standard before they leave.

The GCR has plans to do drop in chip services next year to help teach cat owner the importance of chipping your cat.

Forever Growing.

We are pleased to announce that we have managed to fundraise and we have 4 medical pens on order. This specialist pens are made of PVC and aluminium and are designed so house poorly animals, carry out short term assessment,  or be used for pregnant or lactating queens.

These pens will be placed with co founder Nicola in her home and can be moved when we get our permenant residence.

These pens will provide 4 spaces within our rescue and provide a base for cats to be assessed on arrival at the GCR before moving on to fosterers, ready for adoption.

The medical pens should arrive in the first few weeks of march and will certainly make life easier.

The inspiration...

In October 2021 a mother cat and 3, day old kittens were rescued from a garden in Hadfield. The mother and two kittens were adopted but the third, the runt needed a few extra weeks of care. He was fostered by Nicola Ormerod on the 17th of December. It came apparent quite quickly that something was wrong with this little bundle of fur. He was incontinent and his tail was hanging limply.

We quickly began fundraising  so we could get him the treatment he needed, and a close nit friendship was formed to give this guy the best possible shot at life. The response was overwhelming and Cooper had donations from all over the globe.

After x-rays and his tail amputated, it was discovered that Coopers digestive system doesn't work which leads to a condition called Megacolon. It was then that Nicola decided he was exactly where he needed to be for the best possible care and she formally adopted him, but the friendships formed by this little guy would remain strong.

Cooper is now a year old. He is doubly incontinent and needs his bowls and bladder emptying 3 to 4 times a day. He has to wear nappies to prevent little accidents and he will be like this for the rest of his life. However his case shows us that as long as a cat has quality of life there is a home and a human out there that can love them.

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