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Spooky season.

The nights are getting longer, there's a chill in the air and thankfully we are coming to end of kitten season. This year has been a particularly tough one for abandoned pregnant cats and stray litters but the GCR has done its best to house as many as we could.

Big Kev (who is actually a little lady) was one of the five kittens rescued from a very dangerous situation in a scrap yard. We also rescue several mama cats and their broods and Bella Vista has never had a moments rest.

The support from the public has been outstanding as well as all the Bella Vista volunteers and the fabulous foster careers. We simply couldn't function without all this help.

We have several things coming up in the next few weeks that we will need help with. We have several fairs where we will be running tombola's to raise essential funds and we have a monster ball coming up at the rugby club in Glossop that we have some tickets left for. We also need prizes for the raffle on the night. If you would like to buy tickets or donate a prize simply get in touch via the website form.

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Our Mission Statement

To provide a cat rescue to support Glossop and the surrounding area, and the rehabilitation of stray and unwanted cats in need of attention and care.

To provide adequate shelter to those cats who are in need and the staff to provide that care.

To raise money to provide any medical care needed for our cats.

To assess and rehome these cats providing suitable home checks so they receive the homes for their individual needs.

All adult cats to be chipped deflea-ed and wormed. All adult cats to leave our care neutered.

Chips away!

In September the GCR chipped 40 cats and kittens. Some were easier than others and one particular rascal needed the help of chipper kim but all the cats that the GCR helps are now chipped before they go on to their forever homes. Good Job GCR!

Cats of the week... Clint and Zeke

Clint and Zeke are currently in foster with Nicola. Zeke is a confident little fella who has been given the nickname catman by Nicola's children due to his unique features. His brotherClint is a little more reserved and will take a little more time than his brother to adjust. These boys are lovely and deserve a forever home after their owners went on holiday and left them behind. They have now been neutered, microchippped, flea and worm treated and just need someone to take a chance on the lovely duo. They are a bonded pair and must go together.

We only adopt cats in the glossop and surrounding area. If you would like to meet zeke and clint please get in touch with the rescue via the contact form. Adoption fees apply.

Big Kev, captures our heart.

Earlier in september our hearts were captured by the smallest bundle of fluff we had ever seen. Weighing in at just 180g Big Kev was no bigger than an apple and looked like he need a good meal. He captured peoples hearts and they flocked to see him and send him gifts. We were worried this little bundle wouldnt make it but Julie and her family hand fed him every few hours and we watched him grow and and grow.

We discovered last week that Big Kev is actually a fiesty lady but she will always have the name Big Kev and we think it suits her down to a tee. She weights an impressive 500g and is now around 8 weeks old. Small for her age still but all the signs point to this little one being healthy and happy. We cant wait to see what big Kev gets up to next

The inspiration...

In October 2021 a mother cat and 3, day old kittens were rescued from a garden in Hadfield. The mother and two kittens were adopted but the third, the runt needed a few extra weeks of care. He was fostered by Nicola Ormerod on the 17th of December. It came apparent quite quickly that something was wrong with this little bundle of fur. He was incontinent and his tail was hanging limply.

We quickly began fundraising  so we could get him the treatment he needed, and a close nit friendship was formed to give this guy the best possible shot at life. The response was overwhelming and Cooper had donations from all over the globe.

After x-rays and his tail amputated, it was discovered that Coopers digestive system doesn't work which leads to a condition called Megacolon. It was then that Nicola decided he was exactly where he needed to be for the best possible care and she formally adopted him, but the friendships formed by this little guy would remain strong.

Cooper is now nearly 10 months old. He is doubly incontinent and needs his bowls and bladder emptying 3 to 4 times a day. He has to wear nappies to prevent little accidents and he will be like this for the rest of his life. However his case shows us that as long as a cat has quality of life there is a home and a human out there that can love them.

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