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The core foundation for any charity is a strong team of volunteers. Can you spare the time to help? Even an hour or two of your time is invaluable to us. No matter where your skills lie you can make a difference. Please look at the list below and contact us if you are interested.


Foster carers.

Helping to provide a temporary home for cats before they go to their forever home. Usually cats that would benefit from the one on one treatment or mother and kittens for socializing before adoption. All expenses are paid for in regard to the care of any foster cats.



Can you spare an hour or two to help at an event? We have lots of events planned from Balls to summer fairs and we need people to help run them.


Event Organisers

Could you organise your own fund raising event to help? Perhaps a sponsored skydive? Or a bake sale to raise money for our cause.


Get in Touch.

Thanks for submitting!

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