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Our Residents

These Cats are within our care but not quite ready for their forever home.

Some cats will come to us in need of care before we can put them up for adoption. This might be because they need medical attention, or they may need socializing in a foster setting before they can feel confident going to a new home. Kitten season sees an a massive intake of pregnant or lactating queens and its important that both kittens and mama are well looked after until furever homes can be found. 

Take a look at the cats in our care that aren't quite ready to leave. Please consider donating to help fund their care, even a couple of pounds can pay for food for a week for a cat.


Big Kev

Big Kev has certainly captured the hearts of many people. She is growing stronger every day but is still very small for her age and so for the time being at least she will stay in foster at the GCR.


William arrived 5 weeks ago with diahorreah. This is not unusual for a kitten especially when they have been taken from duch deplorable conditions as he was. However after a week when it still had not cleared up we took him to the vets. After trying a few things to firm his poo up we still had no joy and William even had to wear nappies because he was making his bum very red and couldn't hold his poop in. Twice I sat up thru the night giving him extra fluid with syringe because he was listless.

After many visits to the vet and a faecal sample we found out that William has a stubborn parasite, common when living conditions are unsanitary but it is treatable. He will start his treatment today but for the last 2 days William has been much improved, bright, alert and almost normal toilet habits. He has even had an enquiry to foster him while we monitor him over the next few weeks.

My heart will undoubtedly break when this little man leaves my arms but he is here because we care enough to commit to cats that need extra work, that need vets visits etc and we always will


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