Our Residents

These Cats are within our care but not quite ready for their forever home.

Some cats will come to us in need of care before we can put them up for adoption. This might be because they need medical attention, or they may need socializing in a foster setting before they can feel confident going to a new home. Kitten season sees an a massive intake of pregnant or lactating queens and its important that both kittens and mama are well looked after until furever homes can be found. 

Take a look at the cats in our care that aren't quite ready to leave. Please consider donating to help fund their care, even a couple of pounds can pay for food for a week for a cat.


Penny was rescued from a bad situation.  She is well along in her pregnancy.

She is very friendly, eager for strokes and kisses. She is currently in foster with Nicola and is settling in well. Once she has had her babies she will neutered and will most certainly make someone a very special and loving pet.

Penny is settling in well and enjoying cuddles in a quiet room so she can adjust to her foster home. She is getting lots of love and attention.

Update ; Penny has given birth to 5 heathy babies

Penny's babies


Born on 11th of July these were the first kitties born at the GCR. Penny went into labour about 5.30am and foster mum nicola was there right through with soothing words and clean towels. Penny had five healthy babies who will stay with their mom in nicola's house untill they are ready for adoption. 

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Stella and 3 babies


Stella was a  stray that had been visiting a garden in old glossop for some time. She settled in with her foster momma Lisa and had 3 healthy babies on the 06/08/2022. Mum and babies are doing well

Nala,  Max, Jem & Charlie

Nala was brought to us with 3 beautiful kittens and is settling well into our new cattery wing, Bella Vista. She is a quiet affectionate cat and is a wonderful mom to her three lovely babies.